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#TXNLExec are available for group training, speaking & events.

#TXNLExecs are visionary leaders, engaging speakers, and empowering authors who have dedicated their lives to making a difference in various domains. As founding members and mentors of the #TXNL network, these individuals have a unique ability to connect with and inspire a wide range of audiences. They are thought leaders and passionate advocates for inclusiveness, empowering others, and fostering collaboration through their respective fields, various publications, and engaging talks. Their dedication, expertise, and memorable achievements make them invaluable resources for college students, executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders alike. To host the team or have us customize a training event, panel discussion, retreat, or other customized event get in touch.
Simply Denise

#TXNLExecs Media Specialists are your first point of contact for TXNL and #TXNLExecutives. They will register you for Your Roadmap to Success. But the very first step is complete the official members form to make sure we are supporting your vision and passion as you see it.

Tee's 2 Cents
Marketing & PR

Tavaris Young is your Logistics & Production Manager. After you complete your Official Members request, you will be invited to mastermind session. This will help you understand where you are and the next steps to share your brand and vision.

I am the solution! ARF

Your next step is with Anthony Forrester and his team so you have the support you need. Once you are on your way with YOUR Roadmap -2- Success you qualify for business consulting services and will be supported by the Executive Consulting Team.


We are committed to the mission and vision of Better Me, Inc. and helping one another help you.

Cybersecurity and technology services (strategic & tactical). Long-time #TXNL leader keeping us focused on sustainability, safety, and risk management. Don't miss his talks. Click the link below to book a consult.

Andrew S. Baker

Virtual CISO / CIO / CTO

Founder and visionary of Better Me, Inc. and TXNL. 1st female Voice, veteran, advocate, leaders' leader and coaches' coach. Helping to define social entrepreneurship

Andrea Raquel

Author, Speaker, Founder

Founders, veterans, global citizens, change agents, community leaders and advocates. Request #TXNLExecs by name: Andrea Raquel, Andrew Baker, Anthony Forrester, Veda Brooks, and more for individual or group appearances, hosting, announcing, speaking or training.

#TXNL Media Team

Let us craft a package for your group.